Addiction is a Consequence

„He has an addiction problem“ is something you will hear people say. That is how we learn to perceive addiction: As a problem in itself that is to be battled and withstood by willpower.

And after all, aren’t most of us addicted to something? Not every addiction is as evident as a substance addiction, simply due to the fact that we are not used to looking at it with clarity as we do with substance addictions.

Some people are addicted to substances, others to people, gambling, constantly new adventures and many more. It’s just that some addictions impact your „normal function“ like your work life and only then people call it a problem and start to care.

But what if addiction is not the source, but just a symptom of something else? What is the actual root of addiction?

What if the addict often is just someone that has given in to the inside pressure that many others too feel as a deep discontent but try to avoid it at any cost?

The Infinite Dissatisfaction

There can be something within us that, no matter how far it goes, never arrives. That something may be content for a while – maybe an hour, a week or even a year. Maybe after a special event like meeting someone exciting.

But that something will always yearn for more sooner or later. Don’t you know it?

Even in the seldom case that it gets exactly what it has always dreamed of, this fulfillment will never be the end of its journey. The initial time may be extremely exciting…but then after a while, something feels off. Maybe it was not the thing? Maybe there is more?

Does that sound familiar?

Philosophies and Reality

There are all kinds of philosophies about this common human experience I described.

Some people ascribe this to human nature: „That’s just how people are, right?“ Quite a convenient answer for someone who is not really interested in a solution – who is not ready to go deep.

Others argument that dissatisfaction is an important drive for improvement. Well, definitely we are technologically advanced as never before, and our lives are convenient as hell. But are we happier than people before us? Are we thrilled with life – deeply alive? Not so sure about that.

Rather it seems that with that vast technological advancement – getting ever faster and faster – people are getting even crazier because way too much information is consumed and way too little time to process it in a wholesome way. The result is scattered minds and disturbed people.

Information-Infused Life

Information has become most dear to us, isn’t it? But information is not life – information is an abstraction of life. And the more you are caught in the web of information, the more confused you are.

After all, this is how most people see themselves: As a bundle of information. Of course they do not name themselves like this. But what else but information are all those opinions and conclusions in our minds? They have become an identity for most people, haven’t they? Most of us have all these strong opinions about everything!

Then there are our past experiences. We believe that the past has made us who we are. But maybe we are only bound and bondaged by our past, because we identify strongly with what we have experienced before.

Maybe we are creating the past over and over again because we hold on to it as if it provides us with the last drop of water. And in the end the past is nothing but data we have gathered in our minds – the past does not exist.

What I am pointing to is that there is more to you than information: Something that is always now and does not know of any past and future. Simply life. Being alive. It seems this lively dimension to who we are has been lost for many of us amidst the raging intellect that has formed into an ego – a concept of ourselves rather than the real being.

Imbalance and Addiction

„Ok whatever“, you might say…but what does all of that have to do with addiction you may ask?

Addiction arises as a symptom of this mess. The separation and long-term dissatisfaction that comes with the way of life described above must inevitably lead to imbalance. An imbalance always yearns to close the gap. And addiction is one form of this compensation.

It is only natural that one yearns for excitement and pleasure the more one feels numb inside. And the more you live and identify as a concept that rose from the past…the more numb you will feel.

To rediscover your being that is free of concepts is the real solution to addiction. It is in this that you will find a joy of life that is neither muddied by circumstances nor is it in need of any compensation.

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