The Way of Inner Liberation

The ignorant man will find outside reasons for his suffering. And he will be right.

The wise man will find solutions in himself. And he will be right, too.

I have been the ignorant man for too long. The outside situations have relentlessly determined my being.

Failing love affairs. Ending relationships. Rules of society & others expectations. In those days I would often feel stuck, struggling to somehow fit into this world.

As the mainstream narrative goes, I thought I need that great job, the perfect relationship, an overflowing bank account & that villa on the beach.

I thought I need to struggle & grind.

An Illogical Discontent

But outside situations never fully go your way, do they?

And even if you struggle & grind & achieve what you always dreamt of: In the silence of your being you will notice lack. Thus most people can’t stand the silence; they keep busy no matter what – giving in to that strong urge to distract themselves somehow.

But this lack is not a lack of something. It does not mean you need a new car or a new adventure. You can distract yourself with these experiences if you like to. But be sure that the feeling of lack will return in moments of soft silence.

Really what this feeling tells you is: There is a deeper dimension to your life. It may be dormant still, but longs to find expression. This feeling is an unmistakeable sign that you are ready to grow beyond old boundaries.

Follow it.

Being in Touch with Life

Being rich on the outside and still be discontented may seem illogical. But only if you presume that outer riches will fulfill your being.

However, the bliss of life does not care about these things – either you are in touch with it, or you are not.

If you are not in touch with it, nothing in the whole universe can replace it.

If you are in touch with it, nothing more is needed. You can be single or married, rich or broke, be a banker or an artist. You can be anywhere & do anything. Or simply do nothing – you will feel the life within you happening in a beautiful way.

A Silent Being

So this is what occurred to me: The pain of my illusions grew too big and woke me up to the beautiful reality of this existence.

Being in touch with life requires only one thing: That you are not lost in the parallel universe of your mind. Then the growing silence within you will be effortlessly filled with the joy of life.

I sadly realized that this seems to not be the experience for many people I meet. Instead they are suffering the same places in their mind where I’ve been before.

And there can only be one solution: Inner Liberation.

A Platform for Inner Well-Being

Somehow my life turned incredibly beautiful. And I don’t mean life situations, which actually haven’t changed a lot. I am referring to the direct experience of life that was transformed by a dimension of inner freedom.

This freedom I wish to every human being on this planet – hence Deeply Alive was born. It shall be a guide for everyone who seeks a life of freedom & joy.

It is a platform for your well-being.